Teeth Brushing | Keep Your Cat’s Fangs Clean and Healthy

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Teeth Brushing | Keep Your Cat’s Fangs Clean and Healthy

Brush Your Fangs

(Cats and dental care)


A true story by Kitty Poppins


A shocking discovery


It is a beautiful sunny day in my queendom and, just my luck, my humans are home to feed me treats, give me scritches, and tell me just how adorable I am. I bask in my favorite sun spot on the couch with Mini-Kitty, stretch out my perfect paws, and produce the most passionate purrs you ever did hear. Overcome with the sunny sleepies, I produce a mighty yawn, and then –


“BLEGH!” My human exclaims, grimacing in my direction.


Whatever could an animal as graceful and majestic as myself have done to incite such a reaction?


I hear Mini-Kitty snickering beside me as my human gets up off the couch. The indignity!


“What could possibly be so funny? These blundering two-leggers have no sense of propriety!”


Mini-Kitty gives a coy smile and bops my nose with her little mini paw.


“I mean no disrespect, your Meowjesty, but I cannot lie – your teeth have lost a little of their lustre and your breath is the stinkiest in all your queendom! And that’s including Mr. Bones. He and I have been trying to figure out how to tell you for days. Don’t worry though! Since I’ve been growing my cute kitten breath is no longer so cute. It happens to the best of felines. I’m sure our humans have the solution.”


“Mini-Kitty is right.” Sherlock Bones joins us, tail a-wagging, tongue lolling out of his mouth. “Your breath smells like fisho and your teefers are looking a little yellow.”


I wrinkle my nose in disdain.


“What would you know about it, Bones? I could smell you a mile away!”


“Now, now, no need to get pupset. All that yummy tuna you two eat is great, but that fishy smell is pretty strong.”


I give an indignant meow and puff my chest out a little taller. However, a sense of doom begins to take hold. Could these lowly denizens be right? Despite all my tireless preening to maintain a flawless exterior, have they found a fatal flaw in my appearance?


From fishy to fresh


I spend the rest of the day in isolation. I cannot bear to even look at the cans of juicy fish in the pantry as I march to my bed where I am determined to spend the rest of my days in isolation. What purpose do I serve if I am anything but purrfect?


So, I sit and wallow, sleeping and grooming in solitude, away from my poor subjects who have suffered my foul stench for too long. How can I bear to face this cruel world again? I have all but lost hope when my human appears. I turn my face away. Oh the shame of it all!


The two-legger carries me to the bathroom where I see Mini-Kitty, sitting prim and proper, just like I showed her, awaiting my arrival.


“Oh good, you’re here!” She says as I await my fate on the floor. I will surely be de-throned after this horrifying discovery. “Why so glum, Your Meowjesty? The humans have a solution to your conundrum.”


I cannot bear to hope, but I see my human approach with some kind of bristly stick and – ACK! They stick it right in my mouth and start scrubbing away at my pearly fangs. Just when I think I cannot suffer the indignity anymore, I realize that the stuff on the stick tastes vaguely fishy. This will surely only make me smell worse. I meow my disapproval.


“Hold still!” Mini-Kitty calls from her perch. “I got the same treatment and Sherlock Bones says my breath smells fresh and my teeth look pearly and clean.” I relax a smidgen and can’t help but notice that the taste of the stuff on the stick in my mouth is not entirely unpleasant…


When the human is done, Mini-Kitty approaches and gives me a little bunt and lets out a comforting meow.


“You see, Your Meowjesty, even queens can’t be above a little fang scrubbing. Let me have a sniff…Aha! Just as I thought! You smell as clean as a newborn kit and your teeth are shining!”


Mr. Bones appears and wags his shaggy tail.


“Well, Miss Poppins, now your breath smells woofing great! Here I was thinking you’d given up hope and that I’d get your rations from here on out.”


“Well,” I say, regaining my composure and twitching my regal tail. “It’s only natural that the ruler of this great queendom and her subjects should get the royal treatment. Is it suppertime yet?”


Orange cat at the couch

Hapurry ever after


So there you have it. My little tale of woe has a happy ending after all, one free of unpleasant fishy odors and yellowed teeth. Above all, my humans recognize my greatness and do everything they can to ensure I maintain my regal appearance from the inside out.


Now if only they had a solution for that stinky Mr. Bones…


Tips and tricks for maintaining your cat’s oral health

  • As cats age, their risk of dental disease increases. Fortunately, there are preventative measures you can take as a cat owner to help mitigate and treat potential symptoms.
  • Look out for a slightly fishy breath, bleeding gums or drooling. You could be looking at the signs of oral problems, such as plaque, tartar build-up, or gum disease.
  • Brushing your cats teeth regularly with the right product can help fight and prevent bad breath, plaque, tartar buildup, and diseased such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth resorption. If your cat simply won’t agree to brushing, it’s a good idea to check their teeth at the veterinarian clinic regularly.
  • In severe cases, poor dental hygiene can impact your cat’s quality and length of life, so make sure you’re taking the appropriate steps to monitor and prevent dental disease.
  • Bucacat Gel (https://www.aptuspet.com/product/aptus-bucacat-gel/) is a dual-action dental gel formulated for cats: the natural enzymes together with cleansing agents fight bad breath, plaque, and tartar build-up. In addition, it’s fish flavored for your cats! Therefore you can even apply it to your cat’s teeth and gum line without brushing, but using a toothbrush is recommended for the best results.