5 Things to Remember When Traveling With a Pet

Tavelling with a pet - Dog looking at his owner

5 Things to Remember When Traveling With a Pet

Traveling with a pet is great! Here are a few things that we think is important to take into consideration before and during the trip. Did we miss something? Feel free to leave us a note. Have a nice trip!


Water & Hydration

Keeping your pet hydrated is extremely important, not only during the summertime and in hot weather, but year-round. Car rides can be stressful for your pet, and stress can cause dehydration. Make sure to keep some clean, fresh water available for them while traveling. If leaving a bowl of water is not an option, make sure you stop for water breaks frequently.


Medicines Supplements, and Food

Taking your pet’s medication with you when traveling is a no brainer. Or is it? Double-check that you have packed everything you may need, including a first aid kit in case of emergency. If your pet has a health certificate, prescriptions, and a passport, make sure to bring these documents with you, and keep them easily accessible. It’s also a good idea to bring supplements for rehydration (electrolytes) (Aptus Nutrisal, Aptus SportX), a supplement for an upset stomach (Aptus Aptobalance, Aptus Attapectin), and a veterinarian approved calming supplement (Aptus Relax) to help with stressful situations. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favourite food!


Make Frequent Stops

You may be able to drive for hours without stopping for bathroom breaks or stretching your legs, but your pet most likely cannot. If you are traveling with a dog, make frequent stops for bathroom breaks, stretching, and fresh air. Many rest stops have small fenced areas for dogs where you can play and let your travel companion sniff around before you hit the road again. If you are traveling with a cat, you will not need to stop as frequently. However, it’s a good idea to let your cat out of the travel carrier every now and then to stretch and move around.


Emergency Plan

Being well-prepared helps you to succeed in having safe and pleasant travels. However, accidents and misfortune can happen to everyone while traveling, and pets are no exception. They may get sick or run away. Sometimes your furry partner may find something unsuitable, dangerous, or toxic to eat. Have your pet’s health documentation and medical records, along with a few high-quality pictures with you at all times. Do not hesitate to call your veterinarian for help in case you think your pet may be getting sick or if they are suddenly behaving in a strange way.


Don’t leave your pet alone in a strange place

When you arrive at your destination, no matter if it’s a friend’s house, a summer cottage, or a hotel, stay with your pet for at least the first few hours to make sure they feel safe enough to lie down and relax. If you need to leave them alone, a digital pet sitter app or some sort of a nanny camera is not a bad idea. Some pets are perfectly fine and content in new places, while some may completely freak out and experience extreme stress, even if you stay in the same room with them. Imagine the stress they might experience if they are left completely alone in a scary new place!



BONUS! Checklist for Packing:

– Drinking water

– Favourite toy or blanket

– Litter box and/or poop bags

– Leash/collar/harness

– Crate/travel carrier

– Food and treats with (travel) bowls

– Medications and supplements

– Health certificate / passport / prescriptions

– First aid kit for pets