Recovery Booster for Dogs

High Energy Nutritional Supplement


  • High-energy nutritional paste for sick and convalescent dogs
  • Palatable and easy to administer
  • Pack size 100 g


Developed for ill and convalescent dogs with a poor appetite. Easily administered high-energy nutritional paste. Contains enough energy to compensate for entire meals, also contains necessary amino acids and vitamins. Recommended for recovering pets.

Complementary feed for dogs.

How to use

Give to your ill or recovering dog with a poor appetite.

The paste can be given directly by mouth or mixed with a small amount of food. Daily dosage can be divided into several smaller doses.


Use the opened tube within 4 days of opening.


Ask your veterinarians advice before using this product for:
– pregnant dogs
– puppies under 4 months of age
– dogs with liver- or kidney problems
– longer than 1 week.



Nutritional additives


Olive oil (refined), salmon oil, hydrolysed protein (porcine), maltodextrine, beta-glucan, anhydrous magnesium sulphate.



Technological additive:


Colloidal silica.



Sensory additive:


Flavouring compound (L-phenylalanine) (0,3 %).


Analytical constituents

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Aptus Recovery Booster is recommended for dogs with a poor appetite due to surgery, injury, or illness.

It can be used to compensate for entire meals or to provide extra nutrition when your dog is eating poorly. Recovery Booster provides enough additional calories to compensate for daily feed when needed.


Contact your veterinarian if your dog’s condition doesn’t improve.


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