Pro Sport

Energy and Recovery


  • Source of quick energy for sports and working dogs
  • Easy to carry and easy to give
  • Pack size 100 g


Provides energy, vitamins, amino- and fatty acids for maximum performance and recovery. This tasty paste is recommended for working dogs, such as hunting dogs, sporting dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

Complementary feed for dogs.

How to use

Mix with food or administer to dog directly by mouth 2-3 hours before exercise or right after.




Nutritional additives


Sunflower oil (36,3 %), salmon oil (26,3 %), hydrolysed animal protein, glyceryl monostearate, maltodextrin, olive oil (4,7 %), beta-glucan, magnesium lactate, magnesium sulphate.


Analytical constituents

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When your dog works hard, his muscles use energy from multiple sources depending on the intensity and duration of activity, including glucose from carbohydrates, fatty acids from fat and amino acids from protein.


During exercise his muscles will need extra energy, and to recover effectively afterwards the muscles will need rest, as well as the right kind of building blocks to help them rebuild and recover with the best results.


Aptus Pro Sport is a concentrated combination of fast acting energy (maltodextrine) and essential muscle recovery agents (amino acids, fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9, magnesium and vitamins) that will quickly and efficiently restore energy in muscles for extended performance and a rapid recovery. Your dog will be spry and ready for hunting, competing, or anything an active lifestyle might throw at them.


Caution! Before feeding Pro Sport to a puppy, pregnant or lactating dog or dog with chronic kidney / liver failure, consult with your veterinarian.

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