Silly, cute puppies and golden oldies. Playful kittens and old, wise cats. Our pets truly hold a special place in our hearts.


Since the 1980’s, Aptus has been a part of pet owners’ lives. Aptus’ high quality, easy-to-use pet care products are all backed by science. The “pet approved, vet approved” guarantee offers solutions suitable for youngsters, seniors, active pets, couch potatoes, as well as our furry family members with special needs.


The Aptus brand is part of Orion Pharma, a Finnish company, with more than one hundred years of pharmaceutical expertise. Orion develops and manu­factures human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceuti­cal ingredients. Together with its in-house veterinarians, scientists, and pet health experts, Orion is continuously striving to improve the well-being of our beloved animals.


We believe in wagging tails and warm purrs. We also believe the pet owner to be the most important expert in their pet’s health and well-being. Support­ing this important task, Aptus offers exceptional products aiming for superb animal health care. Orion’s Aptus team enjoys the furry families’ trust as a reliable advisor in their messy, everyday pet-life.