Sherlock Meow | A Healthy Cat

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Sherlock Meow | A Healthy Cat

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Sherlock Meow | A Healthy Cat


a true story by Kitty Poppins


There’s a new cat in town


It’s not easy being Kitty Poppins. Indeed, it takes a lot of hard work. Imagine having to look, seem, and feel perfect day in and day out. That’s my life. Along with all my other life lessons, I’m here to tell you that a cat’s work is never done.

So I told this to Sherlock Bones the other day. In addition, I told the same to Mini-Kitty. After that, they both cocked their heads and gave me a funny look.

“What? It’s true. Life is so much easier for you, Bones. Firstly, you show up all muddy and banged up, but it doesn’t bother you. Secondly, anything they put under your nose, you consider edible. Thirdly, any spot in the house will do for a place to nap. Last but not least, you’ll play with anyone at the dog park, and you love all people. And I mean… All. Of. Them.”

“So woofing what? What’s wrong with any of that?”

I sit down on my throne; an old bureau I’ve scratched my name on one too many times. Clearly this conversation was never going to end. In other words, I needed to prove Bones wrong.

“Also, there’s no challenge in your way of life. No satisfaction. Unlike you, us cats have so many responsibilities. How about you try being a cat for one day? So you can see what life is for us… so close to perfection?”

Sherlock Bones contemplates this for a short while. A very short while. As always, in two seconds, his tail wags, and his tongue sticks out from his mouth. So easily excited, I think to myself.

“I’m game! When do I start? When, when, when?”


Little girl stroking a cat on the couch

Being a cat


“Okay, Bones. You know what to do,” I say. We’re sitting side by side upstairs, watching Mini-Kitty lick her little paws above the staircase.

Sherlock Bones looks at me in wonder. As a result, his tail starts to wag slowly from side to side.

“I poke?”

“Yes, you poke. Chop, chop! This is just lesson one.”

Sherlock Bones jogs over to Mini-Kitty and pokes her down the stairs with his snout. Kitty rolls down a few stairs and quickly gets back on her paws. There she continues to lick them. Clearly she already forgot what happened.

“And now what?” he says, staring at me. I pass Mini-Kitty and move down the stairs. Once in the living room, I point at the vases on the windowsill.

“Now poke those down.”

“But, they’ll break.”

“Obviously they will. Nevertheless, do you want to be a cat or not?”

So Sherlock walks to the vases, pokes one gently. The vase falls down but doesn’t break.

“This is woofing crazy. The humans will scold me. Can we do this last?”

“Clearly you’re not ready for dropping things.”

I walk into the kitchen. Next to the dishwasher, multiple cups of kitty chow wait untouched. So I nod at them and say, “Only one thing in there is edible. Can you find what it is?”

His tail wags, drool drips from his mouth. Sniff, sniff, sniff, he goes through the dishes, licking his doggo lips.

“These . Smell yummy. Like fisho.”

I nod approvingly. “They’re delicious. And they also make you beam and keep you going. But you can’t eat those.”

“Woof not?”

“Because you’ll get in trouble. Humans have told you not to eat them. They say that Mini-Kitty eats them because she’s growing, and I get to eat them… well, because they’re yummy. So if you devour the only yummy thing that they give us?”

As a result, Bones walks away. “It’s not easy being a wannabe-cat,” he mumbles.


Little girl playing with a cat

The Valued Kitty-Queen


Finally, Sherlock Bones lies down under the staircase, exhausted. I walk over and point my paw at my high tower, the tall bureau in the living room.

“Cats don’t sleep on the floor, Bones. You need to climb up to the tower.”

His eyes flicker between me, Mini-Kitty (bouncing around the living room carpet, catching invisible monsters), and the bureau. In conclusion, he says, “I don’t want to climb furniture. Or break things.”

“So, you admit it, then?”

“Yes, I bark you right.”

“In other words, it’s not easy being a cat?”

“It’s woofing a lot of work.”

Satisfied to hear Bones appreciate my efforts and hard work around my queendom, I walk away. It’s not easy being Kitty Poppins. There are things to poke and drop, food to evaluate, furniture to claw. Mini-Kitty is basically useless. Because she’s too small and occupied by playing. And Sherlock Bones is hopeless. In other words, he’s too stuck in his doggo ways to be of any help. In other words, it all comes down to me.

So better get to it. However, not before I’ve had a nice nap in my high tower, knowing that my cat-ways are appreciated and adored by all.


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