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Cat being petted by her owner

The Road to Recovery | Health and Recovery

The Road to Recovery

Nutrition and Convalescent Cats

A Kitty Poppins Story


An Unfortunate Event

Hello my friends, and welcome to another installment of my little newsletter, this time written largely from my recovery bed. Mr. Bones has done a commendable job keeping up with the demands of writing of late, but I knew that I needed to update you on some experiences of my own that have been far from purrfect. Let me tell you all about my humiliating blunder.


It all started when I was outside, observing my queendom – as one is wont to do – and making sure no birds approached too close to my domicile. Well, it just so happened that one of those portly little sparrows decided it wanted a closer look at our terrace. I may not look it, but I was quite spry in my younger days and, well, something came over me and I just pounced. Feline instinct perhaps.


Well, I wish I could say that that feline instinct could have predicted the patch of ice I happened to land upon, or the long fall from the porch to the lawn that followed, but I was caught completely unawares. It’s the dead of winter where I live, you see, and the terrain just isn’t as dependable as it is in the warmer months.


Cats are not supposed to fall, and when they do, they are expected to land as gracefully as a leaf landing on the placid surface of a lake in summer.


Let us just say that I did not land in this manner.


Oh, the shame of it! What my subjects must have thought when they heard me meowing for help in the garden! Well, there I was, my poor little paw screaming in pain, and the next thing I knew we were off to the veterinarian.


Cat enjoying attachment from her owner


Kitty Care

After some poking and prodding, and then a very strange, long sleep, I awoke in strange environs to the sound of my humans talking. As my awareness grew, I saw that my paw was all wrapped up in a bandage of some sort. I felt quite woozy and let out a little meow. I felt far from regal, but I got some tender pats and the next thing I knew I was home and curled up in my recovery bed.


The days that followed were a blur, but I must say that Sherlock Bones was quite the caregiver! He does continue to surprise me, that Mr. Bones. You must understand, I was still feeling quite tired and hardly had any appetite at all, now that I think of it. The humans fed me a sort of paste that lifted my spirits and restored my energy


“Looks like you’re getting the heckin’ good stuff, Miss Poppins!”


I licked my chops as Sherlock watched over me, tail a-wagging, as per usual.


“The new sort of food they’re giving me? It does taste rather scrumptious…”


“Well, if it’s anything like what they’ve been giving me after our long runs, then heck, I’d say it’s the same stuff!”


“For both cats and dogs? I think you’re talking nonsense, Mr. Bones.”


“Oh, I don’t borkin’ think so, your meowjesty. Not this time. See, I started going on these long, long trots with our two-leggers. I thought it was crazy to go in the winter like that, but they get all bundled up and put me in my coat and my booties, and we run and run! The first few times after I got back I had so little energy. I just ran too fast and tuckered myself right out! So they started giving me some of that pasty stuff every so often and oh boy do I feel good afterwards!”


“Well, I suppose it might be a version of the same thing, but I’m sure mine has very specialized ingredients geared towards recovery for my delicate feline composition.”


That Bones just grinned and wagged his tail and said, “Oh you borkin’ bet, Miss Poppins. I’m sure yours is a whole lot more refined than mine. Say, how would you feel about watching me chase my own tail for an hour?”


Such an excellent bedside manner, that Sherlock Bones.


Two cats on the sofa, the other is licking her paw


Kitty Poppins, On the Mend

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I do think that Mr. Bones was onto something when he noted the similarities between our special food supplements. You see, once I was at the stage in my recovery when I was able to hobble around the house and see to my queenly duties, I didn’t get the special mixture as often, but when I did I felt an extra spring in my royal step.


Mr. Bones gets his ration every so often after a long run, and I do notice some parallels in the packaging. I hardly know why they give it to him in the first place – he has enough energy already! Anyway, I’m sure that the ingredients in mine must be superior in some way, but regardless, I’m grateful for the extra boost. I have a reputation to protect, after all.


Your Cat and Recovery From Injury

  • Cats may be known to be some of the most agile creatures in the animal kingdom, but sometimes accidents happen, and your feline might need some extra rest and relaxation to mend a strained muscle or broken bone.
  • Recovery Booster For Cats is a high energy nutritional supplement for cats (and, yes, we have a version for dogs as well!) who are recovering and have a poor appetite.
  • This supplement contains enough energy to compensate for entire meals, so if your cat is in need of quick nutrients, this could be an excellent temporary addition to their diet.
  • Just like Sherlock Bones described, this product can also be used as a treat after vigorous exercise.
  • As always, contact your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.