Eyes of Cats and Dogs | The Best Aptus’ Tips

Cat looking into the camera and licking its nose

Eyes of Cats and Dogs | The Best Aptus’ Tips

The Puuurrrfect Morning?


a true story  by  Kitty Poppins 



I absolutely lo-oo-oove Sunday mornings. Everyone in the house is moving at Kitty Poppins speed, and the People aren’t yet running the noisy-suction-monster over the rugs. On this particular Sunday morning, I sat on top of the antique bureau I use as my throne and surveyed my queendom. All was as it should be: the People were reading in cozy chairs (but not nearly as cozy as my throne), and my colleague, Sherlock Bones, was lying in a patch of sun on the carpet. As usual, his legs were twitching, and he was making small yips and snorts while he had another one of his ridiculous dreams about chasing squirrels. Yes, this was certainly shaping up to be a perfect Kitty Poppins day, filled with sunshine and snoozing.


A Lost Treasure


I decided to take time for the full spa treatment a queen like myself deserves. After all, I spend a lot of time catvestigating and need to treat myself right. I carefully cleaned my paws and whiskers, making sure to pat each silky hair in its place, Then I gave a luxurious stretch. I started with my back toes and allowed it to ripple its way along my back and shoulders before ending with my front paws. The final prize was running my claws along the back edge of the bureau for a few lovely long scratches. The People needed me, as usual. (I knew it because they said, “Kitty, stop!” in that voice they use when they really need my help.) I didn’t want to stop scratching, so I looked to Sherlock Bones to see if he would help them.


“Haarrrff….haaarrff…squirrel!!,” Bones huffed from his sun-patch on the floor. It was clear my fellow petvestigator was not going to be any help at all.


As the leader of this queendom, I knew I had to act quickly. I jumped down from my perch, trying to show the People that I was fully in command of the situation, as any queen would. Unfortunately, as I jumped off the bureau, my paw knocked my favorite treasure– the one with the tinkling bell and the divine scent of catnip– to the floor. I turned just in time to see it roll out of sight into the darkness beneath my throne. I didn’t like to go under there, especially after giving myself such a delightful bath, but I knew I couldn’t lose my favorite possession. All thoughts of the People left my mind, and I set to the important work of re-claiming my treasure.


Cat with long coat

Rescue Mission


My first thought was to keep my beautiful, silky fur in place, so I lay in front of the opening and streeeeeetched one paw as far as I could under the bureau. Nothing! I inched forward and streeeeeetched the other paw as far as I could. Suddenly, one claw brushed against the fuzzy fabric and I heard the bell– success! Unfortunately, the toy only released a tantalizing smell of catnip as it rolled just out of reach again.


“Snorf, snoooorf. What are you doing under there, Kitty?”


It was Sherlock Bones of course, awake just a minute too late to help, as usual.


“Bones! I’m…unh…oh…trying…to…reach…my…treasure,” I puffed out the words as I kept trying to sweep my paw under the furniture.


Suddenly his large, wet, black snout was next to me. I was definitely going to have to groom my majestic fur after this.


“I think I can help,” he huffed in my ear. “I smell your catni…ah-choo!”


Then Bones’ huge snout trembled and he released a gigantic (and very wet) sneeze. All of the dust under the bureau (maybe the People needed to run the noisy-suction-monster under there more frequently after all!) swirled around our heads. I lost sight of my treasure, then Bones and I lost sight of everything.


“Oh, my eyes!” I yowled in a very un-majestic manner. I leapt backward and gave my head a hard knock on the way out.


“Eyes…eyes…owwwww!” Sherlock Bones chimed in.


We both set to work trying to get the dust out of our eyes. We rubbed, we licked, we rubbed some more, but the continued.


Happy dog and child in the background

Help Arrives


The People came in after hearing our yelps, yowls, and barks. They used all of their powers to give us those wonderful calming rubs, which really went a long way toward making us feel better. Then, they swished some wetness into my eyes. I didn’t like that at first and tried to squirm myself free, but almost instantly the was gone. I licked my paw and carefully gave my face a wash just to make sure. Everything felt fine. Sherlock Bones seemed better as well, and the next thing I knew, he had run over to the window to bark at a squirrel.


I turned to go back up to my throne and get some much deserved rest when I noticed my treasure in the corner by the wall. Maybe this Sunday morning would turn into a puuurrrfect Kitty Poppins day after all.


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