Heckin’ Good Shape! I Energy Boost for Your Dog

A dog running at park

Heckin’ Good Shape! I Energy Boost for Your Dog

Heckin’ Good Shape!


(Active dogs; sports; energy and mobility)


A true story by  Sherlock Bones



From Couch to Cardio


Hey frens! Sherlock Bones here to tell you about one of my new adventures. It’s no secret: I am a dog of leisure. In my pup days, I had so much energy! I was known to fetch and run and swim, but now that I have matured into the adult doggo I am, it tuckers me out just walking from my bed to my bowl! Kitty Poppins and Mini Kitty have been saying that I’m looking a little chonky lately, but isn’t this what life is all about? Eating crunchies and treats, serving our humans the finest snuggles in the land, and sleeping in the sun? Well, that’s what I thought until my comfy way of life was turned upside down just the other day.


I was lying there, dreaming about chasing squirrels (isn’t dreaming about exercise the same as the real thing?), when I heard the jingle of my lead. Now, I’m not complaining: slow, meandering walks in the park are a reasonable expectation for a dog of my, uh, healthy disposition, especially the treats I get along the way for sitting and trading paw shakes. This day, however, was different. No treats in sight, I tell you! I tried to remember what I could have done to be the victim of such injustice. All I could think of was my breakfast a few hours earlier. I saw my human mix some funny paste in with my crunchies. It tasted pretty heckin’ good, to be honest. (“You think everything tastes good.” Mini Kitty says.) Still! I walked all the way to the park with not one soft, chewy peanut butter treat, no cheese or ham – nothing! Well, the worst was yet to come, frens…



Dog playing with owner


Playtime at the Park


There I was, off leash in the big grassy field of the park near our house, sitting like the goodest boy, hoping for some compensation after all that walking when—you won’t believe this—my human took out a ball and threw it. Threw it, I say! Well, I don’t know what came over me then, but, believe it or not, I ran after that ball like I was a pup again. By the time I had the ball in my maw I sure was ready for a lie-down, but I did what was right and returned it to my human. And you know what happened then? They threw the ball again. Well, what was I to do? I jogged back to get it (if they want that ball so badly, how come those humans keep throwing it?), and returned it like the good boy I am.

You may have already guessed what happened then: they just kept throwing that ball and I kept bringing it back. They just stood there while I did all the work, and let me tell you, I was so heckin’ tired! After I don’t know how many times, I just lay right down and rolled on my back, paws in the air. I gave a plaintiff bork of surrender and finally got the belly rubs I deserved. What would compel my humans to put me through such torture? My legs, my paws, even my whiskers hurt on the walk home. I couldn’t bear to think how I would feel the next day



Dog playing with owner



New Day, New Energy!


Well, it just so happened that, upon waking the next morning, expecting to feel as crummy as could be, I found that I could walk and wag with only the slightest soreness. My humans fed me my crunchies with that funny paste in it again, and within a few hours I was ready to go to the park. I can’t remember when that was (I’m not so good with keeping a calendar, you see), but it’s been a little while and I go to the park to run and chase the balls my humans throw every borkin’ day! Lately they’ve been having me jump over boxes and fences and I’m getting faster and faster, no bones about it.


Kitty Poppins has noticed a difference too.


“Well, Mr. Bones, you’re certainly looking spry lately. What gives?”


“I don’t know, Your Meowjesty, but I’m feeling like a young pup again! All I want to do is run and jump!”


I bow down, wag my tail, and give a little bork before running around her sun spot. She gives me a quick bat on the nose and I lie down in front of her right then and there. I forgot: Kitty Poppins doesn’t really “play.”


“Well, it must have something to do with that stuff they’re putting in your food, Mr. Bones. I haven’t seen you this jumpy in years.”


“Say, Your Meowjesty. You look like you could use some exercise. Maybe you should come wi – OWWW!”


Kitty Poppins gives me a smack on the nose with that quick paw of hers. Jeepers, are those claws sharp!


“Don’t give the humans any ideas, Bones! A fine feline specimen such as myself is above such nonsense.” She closes her eyes and curls up for a nap in the sunshine.


Well, maybe I’ll convince her one of these days! Come to think of it, I’m feeling pretty sleepy myself. A hard-working pup needs rest too. I hope I see you at the park very soon!



Dog running outside



Taking Care of Your Active Dog


  • During exercise, your dog may need extra energy to recover effectively. In addition to proper rest after high-energy activities, dogs need the right kinds of nutrients to help them recover (just like humans!).
  • Aptus Pro Sport (https://www.aptuspet.com/product/aptus-pro-sport/) is a concentrated combination of fast acting energy (maltodextrine) and essential muscle recovery agents (amino acids, fatty acids omega-3, -6 and -9, magnesium and vitamins) that will quickly and efficiently restore energy in muscles for extended performance and a rapid recovery.
  • Whether you’re training your dog for flyball competitions, taking him hunting, or just letting him run at the park like Mr. Bones, Aptus Pro Sport will ensure that your pup is getting the nutrients he needs to stay energized and allow his muscles to recover.
  • To administer, give Aptus Pro Sport to your dog directly or in his food 2-3 hours before exercise, or directly afterwards.